Michael (mdimauro) wrote,

And thus starts a new chapter...

It's official.

We are getting a puppy.

Five days from today we are going to the CACC and adopting. I can't tell you how excited i am. I've wanted to get a dog desperately ever since college. We always had three dogs growing up, but for some reason my parents stopped getting new dogs.

Last night i bought four books (yes four) on the subject to hold me over. I bought books about raising a puppy, having a dog in the city, doggie psychology, and a tome of usefully doggie information. I'm sure i will read them all cover to cover by friday :)

Starting friday there will be pictures, and lots of them! I will do my best to make everyone nauseous with cuteness. And i'm taking a week off work, so i will have plenty of time to upload picts!!!
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i am seriously jealous. can't wait to see the pics!
oh, I'm so excited for you!!!!!

I have always wanted a dog but feel in NYC it is cruel. At least you have grass/space now.

And the pound, I can't tell you how happy that makes me. I worked at the pound in LA.

Back in our tiny place in the east village i would have never gotten a dog. But now we have a bit more space and prospect park literally a block away. The only hard part now is waiting until friday!!
wow, a brand new puppy!!!

I'm so jealous!

Good luck! can't wait to see pictures!


July 8 2001, 09:01:21 UTC 15 years ago

That's awesome :) Puppies are always so much fun... I wish my dog was a puppy again ;) So what kind of dog are you planning to get?
Since we are going to the pound i'm really not sure what we will end up with. All i know is that it has to be big enough to catch a frisbee, and shouldn't be a bread (or combination of breads) known for barking.
OH! OH! I absolutely love, love, love puppies (who doesn't?), and have wanted one for so long. I'm so excited for you!! I think this'll be great for Banshee, too.

Post many pictures :)
I think it will be good for both of us too. And there will be tons of pictures :)

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Melissa has skimmed through that book. It has all sorts of odd stuff in it like dog telepathy and how they can detect cancer. Should be a fun read!
You guys are so lucky! Can't wait to see the pix!

Save the newspapers.

Puppies are poop machines.
in my building they make you pay $20 a month if you have a dog :(

don't forget the weewee pads!
Wow that sucks, isn't that discrimination? I guess it is better than the 99% of the places that won't allow a dog at all.
how excited are you! :)
i'm v. jealous.
you have a preference for type?
If i had my choice i would pick a big bread. A german shepard, or a hunting dog like an german shorthaired pointer or black lab... We will most likely get a mix of a large dog (like a shepard or grey hound) mixed with a smaller dog like a beagle. In the end it will totally depend on what they have at the pound!
g's the same way inclined. he had a much-loved doberman when he grew up and he's set on buying one of his relatives from the same breeder. i prefer the idea of getting a small sorta-cutesy low-maintenance dog from a pound. not like our apartment or current neighbourhood are dog-friendly anyway, but still. :)
Sooo cool! Yay for adopting!