Michael (mdimauro) wrote,

Please don't sue me J.Lo

PETA hired me a make a game about J.Lo. They have beefs with one another you might say. J.Lo's fashion line is very fur heavy, and other than that, she is just a really good target. PETA was out in force for the opening of Monster-In-Law, and when J.Lo was asked what she "thought of the protests", she said "I don't".

Anypoop, they made me make her butt real big, i swear. Not my doing. Also the music was made by someone else. I did all of the art, animation and programming. Okay, the animation kinda blows, but i like the little customization bit in the beginning. This took me a really long time to finish for some reason, like two months, but i actually only billed about 55 hours for it.

Oh, and don't look too closely at the pictures after level 2, they are very gross.

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