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Friday, March 10th, 2006
10:16 am
I am going to be doing another rss feed on LJ at some point, but i'm trying to avoid the whole "last name" thing for now. If you are interested you can follow my exploits at http://www.michaels-brain.com
Wednesday, September 21st, 2005
1:46 pm
Hey all!

You can now sydicate my internet blog (i'm actually updating it!).

michaelpdimauro (they tell me it will update at around 5:30 tonight).

Or if you are one of those aggrigator freaks you can pull it right from the source at: http://michaeldimauro.com/blog/?feed=rss2
Wednesday, September 14th, 2005
10:03 am
Please visit my new home, where i probably also won't post: http://www.michaeldimauro.com/blog
Saturday, July 2nd, 2005
11:20 am
We got our annual raises yesterday, and my awesome 2.85% raise should just cover inflation (not that i'm complaining).

The nice thing is that they changed my title, which was "graphic designer" and completely inappropriate for what i am doing. My new title is "Art Director". So now my level of responsibility is right, and my title is right. So the only thing that is wildly inappropriate now is my salary. Guess i will get started on trying to fix that :)
Wednesday, June 29th, 2005
9:34 am
I'm working on another job from fusion (thank you cima!), and it's has a print component to it, which is interesting being that i hardly ever do print. And i've never done anything nearly this massive. It's the backdrop for a convension booth, and it's like 10 feet wide.

Anyway, here is the first draft:
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Wednesday, June 22nd, 2005
1:03 pm
Monday, June 20th, 2005
4:38 pm
Please don't sue me J.Lo
PETA hired me a make a game about J.Lo. They have beefs with one another you might say. J.Lo's fashion line is very fur heavy, and other than that, she is just a really good target. PETA was out in force for the opening of Monster-In-Law, and when J.Lo was asked what she "thought of the protests", she said "I don't".

Anypoop, they made me make her butt real big, i swear. Not my doing. Also the music was made by someone else. I did all of the art, animation and programming. Okay, the animation kinda blows, but i like the little customization bit in the beginning. This took me a really long time to finish for some reason, like two months, but i actually only billed about 55 hours for it.

Oh, and don't look too closely at the pictures after level 2, they are very gross.

Friday, June 17th, 2005
2:46 pm
I'm going to pretend like there isn't a four year gap between updates here, and show you the animation i made last night.

This is based off of something another designer did, so other than the actual animation, there isn't much of me in this. All the images and music were already there. This was done in one night, so considering that the client was pretty happy with it.

Saturday, December 27th, 2003
7:01 pm
i'm updating from m's new palm pc in a starflucks in new jersey.

Tuesday, August 21st, 2001
4:59 pm
For those who haven't realized it yet, i've switched my username to zerro. Come visit my new home.
Tuesday, July 31st, 2001
3:32 pm
my webcam is running for the first time since april. joy
10:22 am
You would think she would get dizzy.

Current Mood: amused
Tuesday, July 24th, 2001
12:10 pm
I have to endure sexual harrasment training today.

I dunno, i think i'm already pretty good at it.

I'm working on a ton of outside projects. I wonder if i will ever finish any of them??
Wednesday, July 18th, 2001
3:05 pm

Two of my good friends got a deal hosting the hbo concert series "reverb". They just found out, and they are going to be heading out on the 25th for a six week road trip where they will be going to about a bazillion concerts.

Remember these guys? Actually josh is the figure in the painting you all have seen me post about 10 times in the last couple months (hopefully i will finish it this week).

Yup, that's them. I'm guessing they aren't feeling so bad about getting fired from alltrue now.

They basically don't have any details at all (like when and where and what shows, or if they will be getting air time and meeting the bands, i imagine they will, they are the hosts after all). They seemed really strained or nervous at lunch, but i'm really happy for them.

And i hope this means i get to meet radiohead.
Monday, July 16th, 2001
1:24 pm
Melissa better pray that my company doesn't really go out of business. I've only been on vacation for a half of a day, and already i'm clearly going insane.

The cat is saying, "My pants, mine!"

12:50 pm
Okay, so i'm getting frustrated with the quality of reproduction i'm getting. Melissa has been trying to help me, but i'm just a bit daft it seems (or a bit too picky). I'm going to keep posting though, just think of how impressed you will be when i get slides made of this and you get a better idea of what it really looks like!

So i worked on the buildings in the background some more, hopefully bardot will be about to recognize the location again :)

Friday, July 13th, 2001
12:25 pm
Last night was a blast, for those who don't know: ravorart organized an informal lj get together last night, and it was a huge success. I think there were 15 or 16 people there, and only 2 didn't have a journal.

I really enjoyed chatting with everyone, we should do stuff like that more often!

Today is the first day off of my vacation. Since i can't afford to actually go anywhere the new plan is to practice being unemployed. I do work at a dot com after all...

So lots of slacking off for me!
Current Mood: chipper
Monday, July 9th, 2001
5:03 pm
the landlord says we can't have a dog. Even though they are aware that another tenant in my building owns one. What should i do?
Current Mood: crushed
Sunday, July 8th, 2001
10:35 am
And thus starts a new chapter...
It's official.

We are getting a puppy.

Five days from today we are going to the CACC and adopting. I can't tell you how excited i am. I've wanted to get a dog desperately ever since college. We always had three dogs growing up, but for some reason my parents stopped getting new dogs.

Last night i bought four books (yes four) on the subject to hold me over. I bought books about raising a puppy, having a dog in the city, doggie psychology, and a tome of usefully doggie information. I'm sure i will read them all cover to cover by friday :)

Starting friday there will be pictures, and lots of them! I will do my best to make everyone nauseous with cuteness. And i'm taking a week off work, so i will have plenty of time to upload picts!!!
Saturday, July 7th, 2001
1:50 pm
back to work
Hey, i'm working semi-regularly again. Whadayaknow? (i hope to do some more painting today, or tonight)

I painted in the rooftop foliage as well as ivy on the building behind the figure. I tend to get really lazy with sort of thing, skipping details, and just using a light and a dark color. This time i was better. After i created the shapes of the foliage with two colors i went back in with a lot of different greens and yellows in the highlight areas and turquoise and blues in the shadows. (not that you can tell from this picture)

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